Floral notes: April 2018.

If you embroider and are on the hunt for new patterns, I recently discovered that the DMC website has about a zillion five hundred or so available for free.  Download away and enjoy stitching!

My favourite recipe of this past week?  Judi’s Sweet Potato and Apple Latkes, found here.  They are the ultimate in comfort food and are a breeze to make.  I could probably eat these every day.  I’m totally not exaggerating here; they are that tasty.

It’s a few years old now (it was published in 2013), but if you haven’t already checked out Deborah Madison’s cookbook Vegetable Literacy, go grab a copy from the library pronto.  If you have a passion for cooking and gardening, you’ll delight in this breathtakingly-photographed tome.  The recipes look amazing but I can’t stop drooling at (on?) the pictures. (And this one of the reasons why we sometimes find water-damaged books at the library, lol). Take a look at the author describing her book in this video.

The Spring issue of The Gardener for Canadian Climates will be out shortly on newsstands across Canada and a couple of articles I wrote are inside: “Carrot Cousins” and ” Preventing Common Lawn Problems.”  The magazine also features the annual Plant Picks section, which I always love contributing to.  And will you get a load of that cover?  WOW.  We don’t have many print gardening magazines left in Canada, and I would encourage gardening enthusiasts to support this amazing publication if possible.

Do you have any “tidbits” you want to share this week? – favourite or new recipes, interesting links or news items you’ve come across, fascinating blog posts you or someone else have put up?  Feel free to mention them in the comments!  



  1. The sweet potato latkes are on my to-try list now. My recipe for cream of squash soup includes onions and apples; it’s a close parallel to this recipe in terms of flavors.

  2. Lots of good information here. I’ve been to the DMC site often but already have more patterns than I can ever embroider in this lifetime, 🙂 I’ll have a look at the sweet potato latkes. Sound yummy. People stopped buying books and magazines because you can find everything online and don’t have to store the periodicals. I have enough to insulate my whole house right now. That’s what I call the books, magazines and fabric I have, “insulation”. 🙂

    • You’re not alone in not wanting to “collect” print media…it can get to be seriously cluttery, that’s for sure! I am an old stick in the mud when it comes to print, however, as I love the tactile qualities of print books and magazines and I like actually turning the pages with my hands. 🙂

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