Floral notes: early March 2018.

If you love peonies, this post about “peony anatomy” may be of interest. Or you can just ogle the beautiful photos. Either way, it’s a win.

I found a really cool site containing microscope photography by Dr. Gary Greenberg – my favourite pics are of the jewel-like sand grains, here, but the whole gallery is worth a gander.

Yummy recipe alert: these muffins are tops!  Except I didn’t have ube and substituted yellow-fleshed sweet potatoes…plus, I didn’t add walnuts due to my allergies, and I skipped the glaze, as it really isn’t necessary and sort of makes them cupcakes instead of muffins, doesn’t it? They’re sweet enough as they are, but the glaze would make them special-occasion-worthy: like a “I managed to get out of bed this morning to go to work, so let’s celebrate!” kind of muffin/cupcake/whatever.

Even if you’re not a fan of Martha Stewart, her latest book Martha’s Flowers is absolutely droolicious (drooleriffic?). I know, I’m making words up here but there aren’t sufficient superlatives in the English language to describe the photography and artful styling in this book.  If you can get your hands on a copy from your local library, do treat yourself.  I haven’t even gotten around to reading the text yet (ahem) as I keep staring at the photos and stammering out awe-struck gibberish.

From the Boast and Braggart files…a couple of articles I wrote about herb gardening have been recently published: “Tea Time: Growing Herbs for Tisanes” appears in the Winter 2018 issue of Archive magazine, and “Designing a Meadow Garden” is featured in the Winter issue of Herb Quarterly.

Have a wonderful week!


    • Thanks so much for letting me know – I put it up without a link as the book isn’t available to read for free online, but I really ought to link to the publisher, instead. I didn’t think of that last night when I wrote the post. I will change that right now. 🙂

    • I found a preview on Martha Stewart’s website – even better than the publisher! Thanks again…have a fantastic day! We’re finally getting some sunshine here after a huge snowstorm…what a relief!

  1. Some great links again Sheryl. Those muffins look soooo pretty! No purple yams here though. I must look for a recipe that uses beetroot perhaps! 😉 Will go and take a look at the micro photograohy now. Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend!

    • Oh beetroot muffins would be fantastic – I have to look for a recipe for that as well! I can’t seem to find purple yams here, either…but the sweet potatoes worked in a pinch.

      Thank you and have a wonderful weekend, Cathy! Hope the sun is shining there for you!

  2. More fantastic links! I loved all those wonderful sand grains – so beautiful! The muffin recipe looked good but no purple yams here either – I would use beetroot as Cathy suggests as it is fairly easy to obtain. Congratulations on getting a couple more articles published!

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