Seed giveaways.

Get those self-addressed-stamped envelopes ready! I have some seeds to give away for the price of a couple of postage stamps. The seeds are organic and disease-free. They have been collected from plants grown in my garden in Calgary, Alberta.

I will be adding more seeds to the availability list as they are ready to go. Supply will change constantly, so if you see something you want, grab it! I am running this as a permanent feature on my blog, and stock will be replenished as I collect seeds, so keep checking back.


  1. Seeds will only be mailed within Canada.
  2. To get your seeds, you must mail me a self-addressed-stamped envelope. I will only send ONE package of seeds per SASE. If you want more than one package of seeds, you’ll need to send me more than one SASE.
  3. There is no guarantee with the seeds that I give away. I cannot be sure that they will all germinate for you. Gardening involves way too many factors and these seeds have not been tested for germination rates and viability like commercial facilities are able to do.
  4. Do your research before ordering your seeds. I am not responsible for the way these plants grow – some of them might be way too large for your garden, some may reseed themselves, etc.. Don’t order them if you don’t want them – do some reading up on them beforehand or ask me about them.
  5. If you want seeds, head over to my Contact page and email me or use the submission form! I will send you my mailing address so you can issue a SASE.

Okay! Ready to order? Scroll down, past the photo, and check out the availability list! Remember that I will be adding to it very soon!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

SEED LIST (Number in brackets indicates quantity currently available)


Lentil, green – ‘Le Puy’ (2)


Calendula (mixed doubles/singles; yellow/orange) (2)

Dill (2)

Lovage (1)