Dwarf tomato variety perfect for small space gardens.

If you’re looking for diminutive tomato plants for your balcony or other small space garden, there is a lovely variety called ‘Extreme Bush’. I tried it for the first time this year and was very pleased with the results. The plants topped out at about 2 feet, which was ideal for my limited space. The fruit is golf ball-sized, with a fantastic sweet flavour – a great salad tomato. A rather interesting feature of this little plant is that the leaves curl; truthfully, it looks a bit like the plants are suffering from some sort of condition, but it’s normal for this variety, so don’t be alarmed if you decide to grow them. (I spent the whole summer wondering if the heat had gotten to them, LOL.) These will be a mainstay in my garden from now on, for sure!

Did you grow tomatoes in your garden in 2021? Which ones are your favourites? Did you try any varieties that you had never grown before?


  1. Looks like just the right size for you to grow, and they sound tasty. We do not grow tomatoes but my sister-in-law and brother do, so I think I will pass this info on to them too. Thanks Sheryl! 🫂

  2. I didn’t know you could grow small plants that would produce tomatoes. We had mixed results this summer. One plant, a cherry variety, did well, two never took off AT all, and the fourth quickly died. Certainly not a successful season down here. I hope you are doing well, Sheryl.

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