New stories up at Paper Butterfly Flash Fiction.

As some of you may know, one of the extremely fun and rewarding projects I have undertaken over the past few years is to publish flash fiction on my site Paper Butterfly Flash Fiction. This year, I haven’t published as many stories as I have in the past due to being a bit crunched for time (massive understatement), but I’ve still managed to showcase the work from a few excellent authors in 2021! The latest micro-tale is by John Adams, a laugh-out-loud examination of love gone stale, with an I-bet-you-didn’t-see-that-coming ending. Why not check out “The Sequel’s Sometimes Better Than the Original”?

But…wait…there’s more! Early in the summer, Katrinka Mannelly gave us an exclusive to the hilarious exposé of “Unmentionable,” and at the beginning of the year, we thrilled to (and giggled at) the alien sports story to end all alien sports stories in Larry Hodges’ “The Pushovers of Galactic Baseball Fame.” If you keep scrolling back on the site, you’ll find more stories of all genres and styles, from diverse voices from all over the globe.

And I am going to make sure the stories keep coming! If you’re a writer of flash fiction, click on over to Paper Butterfly Flash Fiction to subscribe and keep on top of calls for submissions. I will be posting one before the year is out! And readers, please follow the site for fresh stories!

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