Lasting colour.

Well, and last colour, too…I took these photos before the heavy rain started falling yesterday and the winds drove pretty much the rest of the leaves from the trees. We’ve had a downright balmy autumn and it looks like after this chilly blip, we’re still going to see some fairly warm temperatures. I walked by an old poplar tree in the neighbourhood a couple of days ago and it was budding out with a whole new crop of leaves. And the grass is greening up again with all this new moisture yesterday. Interesting autumn, indeed.

(Top: Cotoneaster; Bottom, Left to Right: Ornamental crabapple, spirea, fallen ‘Schubert’ chokecherry leaves with groundcover junipers.)


  1. It certainly Has Been quite the different year, for trees, plants, etc. Glad you were able to get out for a lovely, peaceful walk before the rain came, Sheryl.

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