October snow.

Gardening so isn’t happening right now.

Gotta love October in Calgary! It’s been snowing on and off all week and we’re currently under a snowfall warning (to see what Environment Canada defines as a “snowfall warning,” click here)…and this morning around six, we hit a low temperature of minus 15.5 degrees Celsius (that’s 4.1 degrees Fahrenheit). To put that in perspective, our average daytime high temperature for October hovers around plus 13 degrees Celsius (55.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Oh well. It’s still rather pretty. (I’m just saying that because I went out and planted and mulched my garlic five minutes before the snow started late last week. Totally squeaked it in on my lunch break from work. While wearing my dress clothes and shoes.) 😉


  1. These weather extremes are really something. Wow! I’m smiling at the image of you planting garlic in your work clothes. I’ve been known to start weeding before going inside and changing my clothes. Now I’m off to read about snowfall warnings.

  2. Interesting–you warn at 4-6 inches, which I guess can certainly be problematic. I need to work on putting my garden to bed, too, though it will need a few more weeks, since I still have peppers and tomatoes, not to mention basil…I hope you get a little more seasonable weather before winter comes…

  3. Hoping it warms up here in the Calgary area next week. We still have a lot of logs to move to where the chipper is going to be next month and we’d like to do it in temps that are a bit more hospitable.

  4. Raked all the leaves and put away everything in the yard just in time! I didn’t think it would stick around but the having to shovel the sidewalk these last few days says otherwise. Silver-lining: fireplace cozy days are a go!

  5. Gads! I know that climate is different everywhere. That is why we have climate zones.
    It was 90 degrees yesterday. I can remember it being 101 degrees on Halloween years ago.

  6. Yikes from a first-time visitor … thoughts of an October snow make me shiver. But hey – you’re in Alberta and I’m in southern Ohio. … and we’ve had October snows. Beautiful pic.

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