Flowery Friday: ‘Paquito’ sunflower.


My poor bed at the community garden is toast, thoroughly fried by the prolonged heat we’ve had this summer.  Really, there’s not much left to salvage now, just a few surprisingly decent shallots and straggling zucchini (and perhaps some potatoes if I ever get time to dig around and check).  Even the sunflowers decided they had enough of the sun, but before they threw in the towel, they yielded a few not-so-shabby blooms.

These are ‘Paquito’, a dwarf branching cultivar, and this was my first year growing them. (Those of you who are members of the Alberta Gardening group on Facebook will have already seen this pic, but it’s a sunflower, and therefore, it’s impossible to groan about the repeat).

What is your favourite bloom in your garden right now?  (If you can’t narrow it down to just one, give me a list!).  Hope your weekend is wonderful!   

Flowery Friday: sunflowers.

The sunflowers at the community garden are finally starting to fade…but they’re still amazing!  I took exactly 8.1 trillion photographs of them this year, so I’ll have something to cheer me up when the 567th day of winter arrives.

FPSNormandeau FPSNormandeau2

Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine!