Flowery Friday: ‘Baby Face’ sunflowers.


This is my first year growing ‘Baby Face’ sunflowers – they are amazing! They top out at just under two feet (about 60 cm) and have a ton of long-lasting blooms. I can’t help but smile every time I see them.

Do you have a favourite sunflower cultivar?



  1. I do like these and had them in a mixed flower border last year. They were great mixed in with wildflowers the same height. I have a definite love of poppies and the little short Sonata Cosmos, but my real talent is for zinnias, I think…

    • Zinnias are so gorgeous – and there are so many to choose from! I love them, too, but whenever I plant them, the jackrabbits seem to think they are a gourmet treat. They will actually single out the zinnias from every other plant around them just to chow down on them specifically. It’s rather funny, but I’ve been deterred from planting them!

  2. We have wild ones that grow all around our house, in the pasture and along the county roads and highway ditches. Last year we had a huge one over six feet tall grow at the edge of the garden. It was full of flowers late into fall.

  3. Sheryl, those sunflowers you grew are lovely! I wish ours had come up too, but alas, this appears to not be their year. Too bad really…I cannot recall the specific names of some that we have grown in previous years, unfortunately. Buy they WERE beauties, just like yours! Congrats on your beautiful blooms! 😊😊😊😎🌻🏵🌻

      • So true about ‘Autumn Beauty’. We are in the process of buying a property in Powell River, BC (will be a post on that!) and then I will have tons of room to devote to sunflowers. They are one of my favorite flowers, and a part of the logo for my urban farm. 🙂

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