Flowery Friday: sunflower.

Sunflower crop FPNormandeau

How do you feel about another sunflower photo?  This one comes with a bonus bee, so it’s extra-special.

I hope you will all find some moments of sunshine and cheer this weekend!  What are you looking forward to doing during the next few days?


  1. We are ‘looking forward’ to our first cold spell of the winter this weekend with wintry showers and frost. I spent this afternoon putting tubs and pots into the conservatory and the greenhouse. I love the colour of this sunflower! I think I prefer these brown and russet sunflowers to the yellow and gold ones.

  2. I was so focused on the flower that I didn’t spot the bee. Nicely captured.

    I’m still recovering from surgery, but my son is home from college starting today so I’m looking forward to having us all together this week.

  3. That sunflower is looking pretty bedraggled, just like all the other leftover growing things this fall! But American Thanksgiving is this week so we have lots of warmth and family and food to look forward to! Have a great week yourself!

  4. Hey Sheryl! Lovely picture for this time of the year. I am trying to get my Christmas shopping finished in the next week as I will have no time in December due to my knee surgery. Have you started your Christmas To-Do’s yet?

    • Thanks, Kathy – we need something to cheer us up when the weather is this nasty, that’s for sure! Heard you got a ton of the white stuff there yesterday…hope you’re staying warm and safe.

      I did manage to get the Christmas lights put up and I bought some postage stamps, but so far no cards have been written. I haven’t even started thinking about shopping! I had better get cracking…. 🙂

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