Writing updates.

I’ve been super-busy and there are a few more articles and stories pending publication early in the new year, but here’s a list of some of my work that has been either very recently published or will go to press very shortly….

Garden Writing ~

Available now:

“Lacto-Fermentation with Herbs” in The Herb Quarterly, Fall 2015 issue – on North American newsstands

A couple of my sea buckthorn berry recipes are posted on The Canadian Organic Grower’s website – you can check them out here.


“Growing Gooseberries” in The Prairie Garden 2017: Fruit and Berries (available for pre-order; book launch is 27 November)


“Herb Straw Bale Gardening” in The Herb Quarterly, Winter 2015 issue

Short Stories ~

Available now:

“Sheeple” in the Wolfsinger Publications anthology Under a Dark Sign (available through Smashwords and Amazon)

What happens when a long-suffering evil villain finally gets his due?

“The Commute” in the Strange Musings Press anthology Alternate Hilarities 4: Weirder Science (available through Amazon)

An alien races home to attend to an urgent family matter.  The only thing he hasn’t counted on?  Getting stuck in heavy commuter traffic on Earth.  


“GEUs” in Fossil Lake’s anthology Unicornado

Genetically engineered unicorns?  Yeah, I went there.

For Children ~

Available now:

“Pet Horoscope: Warthogs” in the Fall Fun 2015 issue of the Canadian children’s magazine Bazoof! (formerly Zamoof!) – on Canadian newsstands


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  1. Sheryl, I’m impressed that you find time for this blog with all your other writing endeavors. I read a few of your articles late last week. The upside to recovering from surgery is more time to dig a bit deeper into my favorite blogs.


    • Thank you so much, Alys, I really appreciate your kind words! I’m afraid that with all my other projects I’m always late with everything related to blogging: reading, commenting, replying to comments…but I try to get around to it eventually!

      I really hope your surgery recovery is going well, thinking of you!

      • I’m three weeks post surgery and feeling so much better. I still can’t bear any weight which is hard, and I’m easily fatigued, but each day I see an improvement and that is what it’s all about.

        I know it takes a lot of time to read through and comment on blogs, both your own and others. I think everyone that blogs regularly understands that. Thanks for popping in when you can.

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