Flowery Friday: ‘Paquito’ sunflower.


My poor bed at the community garden is toast, thoroughly fried by the prolonged heat we’ve had this summer.  Really, there’s not much left to salvage now, just a few surprisingly decent shallots and straggling zucchini (and perhaps some potatoes if I ever get time to dig around and check).  Even the sunflowers decided they had enough of the sun, but before they threw in the towel, they yielded a few not-so-shabby blooms.

These are ‘Paquito’, a dwarf branching cultivar, and this was my first year growing them. (Those of you who are members of the Alberta Gardening group on Facebook will have already seen this pic, but it’s a sunflower, and therefore, it’s impossible to groan about the repeat).

What is your favourite bloom in your garden right now?  (If you can’t narrow it down to just one, give me a list!).  Hope your weekend is wonderful!   


  1. My favourite flower is phlox but last winter killed them all. I got a white phlox this year and a lavender coloured one. The white one is still going strong but the lavender one gave up with all the heat. The white phlox is good as a cut flower with another colour otherwise it is a washed out looking flower. Right now, the *Love Lies Bleeding* has taken over the garden so I guess its my favourite. We are hoping this winter is a lot milder with lots of snow cover.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about the excessive heat and the downfall of your garden. My pumpkins are blooming, and I can’t help but feel cheered by their brilliant yellow flowers. I’m glad your sunflower put on a lovely show. Most of ours have been snapped off and spirited away by the squirrels.

  3. It’s a beautiful sunflower too, Sheryl! My favourite right now in my garden is probably the Perovskia, despite the fact that it is lying flat agin after heavy rain last night!

  4. My gardens have gotten short shrift this year–too many other pressing concerns. But the hydrangea bushes are always gorgeous, without any input from me!

  5. I love sunflowers, especially those with red or russet colouring! I am sorry you have had such a very hot summer and have lost most of your plants. My Morning Glory ‘Grandpa Otts’ are doing very well as usual. They self-seed each year and look wonderful!

  6. Huge apologies…again! I totally failed to respond to all of your wonderful comments on this post. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all of your input and sharing (even if I get so busy I cannot reciprocate).

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