Paper Butterfly Flash Fiction is now open to submissions!

My little flash fiction publishing venture is open to submissions for a short window, starting today! If you write flash fiction, please feel free to submit before November 5 – I’d love to see your work!

Paper Butterfly Flash Fiction



Flash fiction stories only. Word count: 1,000 or less.

English language only.

Original work only.

Genre: science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, humour, western, mystery, literary…and any variation or combination thereof. If in doubt, send it along – you never know.

Multiple submissions: feel free to send as many submissions as you wish to during the reading period. Please send each submission in separate emails.

Simultaneous submissions: all good. If your story is selected for publication elsewhere, please contact me right away to withdraw it from my consideration.


Word count over the limit.

Poetry, non-fiction, essays, children’s stories, anything other than flash fiction.

Erotica, excessive gore, abuse, or ‘isms such as racism, sexism, etc..

Overly saucy language. I don’t mind swear words, I just would prefer to keep the content on the site…

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6 thoughts on “Paper Butterfly Flash Fiction is now open to submissions!

    1. Thanks! It’s called flash fiction due to the length – they are generally stories of 1, 500 words or less (I settled on the cap of 1,000). This is the fifth year I’ve been publishing these little tales, and I once had a submission – which I ended up publishing – that was just over 300 words. (Just for fun, there is a type of story called a drabble. They have a word count of 100 words or less. They are a challenge to write!)

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