Turnip harvest.


Thanks to a lovely and extremely generous gift of veggie seeds from my friends Angie and Lisa, I finally grew turnips for the first time this year.  I hadn’t previously given this crop a go, as turnips are one of the vegetables my hubby hates the most – and believe me, he hates nearly all vegetables equally, so this is saying something.

I yanked a few of the sizeable roots out of the garden last week and was thrilled that they were pretty much perfect for turnips…sort of beautiful, even, especially if you squint a little and overlook the flea-beetle-bitten leaves. Okay, that may be going too far, but still…colour me impressed. The phrase “low-maintenance” doesn’t even begin to describe how easy these things are to grow.  I’m sure it helped that our summer weather was so rainy and chilly, but I’m going to claim it’s because I’m just such a good gardener.  😉

So…hit me with your favourite turnip recipes! (Or if you hate them like my hubby does, chime in so that he doesn’t feel so alone, LOL).

I see turnip puff in my future!


    • Sorry Sheryl. I do have to side with your hubby Rob here. I don’t like turnips at all and will only eat them under duress. 😣. But I understand where you are coming from because when you grow something so nicely like that, you have a certain warmth and pride knowing it did so well. On that note, I don’t like growing a big garden so we keep it small, as I don’t want to be confined to our garden all summer long when we could be out doing other things and going other places, but it is nice to have a little something “earthy”. 😉

  1. I don’t have a recipe on hand, but I have made decent potato, turnip patties. Not a turnip hater, but not a turnip lover, either. I’ll take a piece of fruit over a vegetable any day. Does your husband like fruit.

  2. I don’t have any recipes either, I’m afraid but we all love turnip here – in fact any root vegetable! I love its peppery taste and it goes in all sorts of dishes quite well. It can be grated raw into salads, diced/sliced and cooked as a side vegetable or put into a stew/casserole. Mashed is good too though we don’t add sugar to vegetables (nice though it is) because we are cutting out sugar in our diet.

  3. Don’t eat a lot of turnips, only occasionally. Vastly prefer beets, which I think are probably just as easy to grow. Had a wonderful beet crop this year. Maybe there is something to that cold rainy summer thing.

  4. As a child, I would only eat turnip raw. When I gt married I discovered turnip was such a cheap veggie I should like it. So I decided to eat lots of carrots and put a wee bit of turnip in with them. After a few months of the combination veggies I could stomach turnip. Now, I like turnip. I tried growing it a couple of years ago but something in the soil ate into and it looked gross. The same thing happened to yellow onions. I was thinking maybe next year I could grow them in the greenhouse….just a few, mind you.

    I must look up Turnip puff….sounds interesting.


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