Flowery Friday: Sweet peas.


The package from Burpee Seeds classified this sweet pea as “High Scent,” which immediately captured my attention and imagination as I stood in front of the racks of seeds in the garden centre in early spring. Sure enough, they didn’t falsify such a claim.  These sweet peas smell like all the deeply delightful Lathyrus odoratus cultivars – whatever they were – of my childhood.  I’m growing them out on the balcony and I keep stepping outside for a sniff.  I may be a little obsessed.


  1. I am not a sweet pea lover like my hubby is, but I have to say that even though the color is somewhat on the pale side of things for me, I still find it very pretty.

  2. My niece grows ‘April in Paris’ for fragrance, and others for color. Sweet pea have always been her favorite, and she has her own sweet pea box with an obelisk trellis over it. However, she lives in Los Angeles, so only gets a few week of bloom! I can’t argue. They are still her favorite.

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