Flowery Friday: Willow.


These huge, furry, pollen-laden willow catkins stopped me in my tracks (pun intended) while walking near a crowded train station here in Calgary last week. I sort of wanted to hug them, but made do with a photograph instead.

What signs of spring (or autumn!) are you celebrating in your part of the world?


  1. I’m excited to see the lilac bushes start to bud. My neighbor has 5 bushes and when they all bloom it’s wonderful. 😍

  2. Lots of birds, bunnies, and geese, not to mention a few Mallard ducks too. All, except the magpies and crows, have been beautiful to see and hear. 🦆🦆🐦🐦

  3. My lilacs are starting to bloom and the roses have leafed out. We are so delighted to see spring even though it’s gray and cloudy. Love your fuzzy willow pods too. Bullfrogs are croaking out wonderful songs. Happy Easter, happy spring, Sheryl.

    • I’m so slow to respond to your reply that almost a month has passed. and most trees are just barely leafing out here. You must find that ridiculously slow! – our climates are so utterly different. We’re actually right on track for our region. And…we’re expecting snow again this weekend.

      • I am behind schedule with reading the articles I subscribe to . . . .but the trees are right on schedule. It rained here today, which broke limbs from some of the willows that got too heavy when their foliage got wet. I went out to cut one down in the morning, and it was already down.

  4. A bit north of Calgary – the Scilla siberica is blooming, as is the Pasque and Forsythia. None of the trees or bushes have leafed yet, though they are close.

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