Flowery Friday: ‘Hazeldean’ rose.


Ah…spring in Calgary!  I have no idea what coat I should wear when I go outside – in a five minute walk, it might pour rain or pelt icy snow or be so pleasantly warm you wonder why you put the coat on in the first place.  I love this crazy season!

The garden was partly buried in snow earlier this week and is now gloriously muddy, so I’m admiring from afar the progress of my slowly emerging perennials (all that fresh green!) and the blooms of tiny crocuses, squill, chionodoxa, snowdrops, and muscari.  Isn’t it amazing that the soil is still so cold and yet all this fantastic STUFF is going on?  Even if you’ve been gardening in northern climes for many years, sometimes you just have to pause a moment to take in the absolute wonder of it.  And how here, in the face of such marvels, I can’t even choose suitable outerwear.  😉

In lieu of photos of spring-flowering bulbs, I want to show off another rose I found while touring Patterson Garden Arboretum in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan last July.  I love this photo because it’s a teaser…I still have yet to see the open flowers of Rosa ‘Hazeldean’.  (If you’re curious, here’s a link to some images and a write-up of the breeding history of this hardy yellow beauty).

Have a wonderful weekend…and may you always have the right coat for the weather!  🙂


  1. Haha we’re going through the same thing here – we leave in the morning with a heavy coat and keep a light jacket in the car for the return trip! Love the way the lighting caught the fuzz on the flowers in that first photo. It creates an unusual and beautiful effect.

    • I got caught again today…it’s brilliantly sunny but the wind is bitter, and I left the house with a little sweater. Brrr! 🙂

      I love the “furry” crocuses – so fun to photograph! A spring delight!

  2. I love your attitude! We have the same weather in Maine—four inches of snow yesterday. Why not revel in it rather than gripe? A good lesson for me.

  3. I love yellow roses Sheryl, but as yet don’t own one! Love the header – my Pulsatilla should be opening very soon. Have a lovely weekend and hope you don’t get caught in a (snow) shower!

  4. A beautiful rose! Wonder if it is too early to buy some flowers to put out on the porch here? As you say, it might snow tomorrow, you never know with Calgary.. But I am dying to get some colours out there after the winter:)

    • You could put out some pansies in pots and then just bring them in if the temps dip too much…they don’t mind a bit of cold. The garden centres should have some stocked already – I might pick some up this week myself. They’re so cheerful.

  5. Yellow and orange roses are my favorites! This is really beautiful. Here in drought-stricken California gardens are a bit stressed, but my roses are hanging in there and quite beautiful. Spring is just a wonderful season, coat or no coat! 🙂

  6. You are so right about the joys, and irritants, of spring in the north! We had snow that covered the ground two days ago and it’ll be almost 70 degrees two days from now!

    • I do love summer on the Prairies and in the mountains! I can’t get enough of the wildflowers on the hillsides…so beautiful. I’m from northern Alberta originally, and I do miss the forests – there aren’t many trees here in the city!

  7. The coat dilemma!! yes, I understand! They should give the weather by the telling us whether it’s sweaters or short sleeves. that would be much more helpful. I have been starting my mornings off with mittens and scarfs and ending the days sans all winter accoutrements. Layers I think is the key.

  8. I love it when you post your first spring flowers after all the boughs bent to the ground burdened by snow – always a beautiful new beginning! I have just got back from southern Italy where the temperature was 10° C – in my refusal to imagine anything but spring down south I didnt bring many warm clothes and certainly no macintosh, we went for one walk through the fields – some flowers, not many as so cold, and in those short 20 minutes we got rained on and then subsequently HAILED on so I can totally imagine how you are enjyoing the fickle weather!

  9. I love yellow roses had them in my wedding:-) IS that a “pasque” crocus in your banner? Lovely pictures of it! I want some in my garden:-)

    • Yellow roses are so wonderful…but I’m hard-pressed to find a rose I don’t like, LOL. The crocuses in the banner are Pulsatilla patens – they grow all over the grasslands here. I’ve planted some seeds in my garden but I don’t know if they will come up – they’re supposedly a bit tricky to get going in a garden setting. They prefer the wild prairies, I guess!

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