Alberta snapshot: Bebo Grove.


Just a quick pic today…the past few days have been a whirlwind – both literally and figuratively.  It’s been insanely windy outside and of course everyone has decided it’s time to power rake the lawns and sweep the gravel out of the parking lots – it’s really best not to step outdoors if you have allergies!  I walked to the store today and I came back with sandblasted eyeglasses and a completely new hairdo.  😉  I’m super-swamped with all the happenings in our community gardening group, getting ready for our Annual Growers’ Meeting tomorrow night and rounding up soil amendments for the raised beds so the members can get sowing!  (We do make our own compost at the garden, but it’s a small operation and we used up all the produce last autumn).  I want very much to get out into my flowerbeds and trim down the old stalks of the perennials and do some clean up, but I’m not quite ready yet…the cast was finally removed from my wrist late last week but I need a bit of therapy and time to get things working again.  Maybe once the wind dies down, I’ll be up to it.  🙂

My hubby and I managed to get out on the weekend for a very short walk in Bebo Grove in Fish Creek Provincial Park in the southwest part of the city.  It was less walking than sitting by the river, actually, but there’s something to be said for a few moments of quiet and nothing to do except to watch the ducks and enjoy the warm sun.


    • I managed to get out and cut back the perennials this morning, but I left the stalks lying on the beds. I still haven’t seen any ladybugs yet – have you? – so I don’t want to disturb the leaf litter with a full-out clean up. Sounds like the weather is changing tomorrow, anyway. The warmth of the past few days has been so wonderful, hasn’t it?

  1. Glad to hear the cast has gone! Take it easy before you start gardening… My wrists are a weak spot and I often wear a sports bandage in spring to remind me not to carry heavy pots and watering cans before the muscles get a bit stronger! It has been windy here too for what seems like weeks, and despite warm sunshine it has kept me indoors the last few days. Would have loved to see a photo of your new hairdo! 😉 Fortunately the tree pollen hasn’t been too bad here yet. That blue sky at Bebi Grove is lovely, but that tree is leaning ominously…

    • That’s a good idea with the sports bandage…something I will consider, too. I think I will still have quite a bit of recovery time, yet. I managed to get out this morning and cut back the perennials but it was a bit of a slog with only one useful hand.

      Hope the wind has died down a bit for you – it does make any work outside rather difficult! Good thing the pollen is still at a low count – a few more weeks and we’ll have that particular issue as well. Do you have seasonal allergies? They can be so hard to deal with!

      • We notice it but don’t exactly have allergies, just itchy eyes a bit! The birch is now in full bloom, so there is a layer of yellow on every outdoor surface and we keep sneezing!

  2. be careful with that wrist now. let hubby to the heavy work and you train your wrist by pointing out all that needs to be done:0) The rets of the summer, when all is healed, you can return the favor! Magnificent photo…reminds me of the “Lonely Tree”.

  3. I wonder how long this tree at been at that jaunty angle? And how long it will stay like that? Perhaps you should visit the same spot this time next year and see whether it lasted the winter. Lovely picture.

  4. I had a good laugh reading about your new hair-do! We have had lots of very windy days recently and the blossom and daffodils have suffered a lot. So pleased that the cast has been removed from your wrist but as you know, it will take some time to get back to normal. Hope all goes well with your Community Garden projects this year and I loved the photo – the description of your short walk at Bebo Grove sounded idyllic! Take care! 🙂

  5. Such a nice time of the year when we are able to start using the local parks again:) It is supposed to be 21C tomorrow, enjoy the weekend!

  6. Hi Sheryl, I’m catching up all over WP today.
    Glad to hear that the cast is off. Good luck with the therapy AND the soon to follow work in the garden!
    This image reminds me so much of Northern Idaho … lovely!

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