Alberta snapshot: Bridge across the Bow.


The third structure in this location, the current bridge that spans the Bow River in the town of Banff was built in 1923.  The upper deck was widened in the 1980s to accommodate more vehicle and foot traffic.  Calgary artist James L. Thomson created the reliefs that decorate the bridge.   Photo taken 17 May 2013.

I’m doing some spring cleaning on my blogs, which seems infinitely more interesting and less demanding than actual spring cleaning.  This post is an import from the long-defunct There is a Light, dated 13 June 2013.  I’ll move a few more images over to Flowery Prose in the coming weeks so I can finally shutter the old blog.

Do you do any major cleaning or organizing (on your blog or otherwise!) on a seasonal basis?


  1. My blog was actually started to be a journal about Daisy’s life with us, so I wouldn’t want to spring clean anything out! 🙂 However…the far more mundane spring cleaning of my house is underway…windows this weekend…ugh…

    • No, you definitely don’t need to do any blog spring-cleaning, that’s for sure! 🙂

      I don’t like washing windows, either…but it is so satisfying when they are done! They take forever, though….

  2. I’ve been garden spring cleaning on the coast for days. Cutting back dead fern fronds, relocating plants and prepping veggie beds. It is a week if have to’s not want to’s.

  3. I was in Banff I think in 1989–and was dazzled by the area’s beauty. But I don’t remember the bridge…sigh…we drove from there to Jasper, then caught a train to Montreal. It was quite a memorable trip.

  4. Is this the bridge that continues from main street? I have never seen it from this angle before:)

  5. Yes I do try to tidy my blog every now and then. I am also considering spring-cleaning the house (not a favourite task) and I am tidying the garden too. I never do all the garden tidying I want to do before the real growing season starts so I’m forever playing catch-up. Sigh! I like the bridge photo.

  6. Yes! I’m a big seasonal cleaner and organizer and love a good clean out.

    I didn’t realize you had an “old blog” but I”m happy to hear you’re getting it all sorted out and down into one. Enjoy.

    • Yes, it was something I started way back when I thought I’d keep Flowery Prose as a strictly “garden-related” blog – but as I’ve since opened up FP to different topics, I no longer need the old blog. Less clutter is so refreshing!

      • Less clutter is refreshing. It makes room for new possibilities. I just finished ‘decluttering’ my garden and that too felt good. I emptied out a couple of old pots, put away the garden furniture covers, and gathered up all my little piles of weeds for disposal. Ahhhhhhh

  7. Hi Sheryl, your header is just fantastic. Is that a wild Pincushion flower? I haven’t been to Banff for ages. We always end up in Jasper because we have friends in Valemont. The Rockies are just magical, you’re lucky to be so close.
    I don’t usually wait for Spring to do blog cleaning. I just do little things when the notion strikes. I’ve been thinking about a new background since I’ve never changed it. I don’t have a lot of spring cleaning in the house because we just moved in but one thing on our list is to empty our storage locker, get that stuff home and organized. It’s a big job and I’m an expert procrastinator 😀

    • LOL I hear you on the procrastination…I have a special talent in that area…. 🙂

      So glad you like the header – the flowers are Pulsatilla patens (Prairie crocuses). They’re growing on all the hillsides right now; they’re one of my very favourite spring blooms. They just make me so happy.

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