ICYMI: The Guides for the Prairie Gardener.

This is a post that I meant to make at the tail end of 2021 but life has been a tad nutty for me lately and…well, here we are. I’m putting this up super late, to be sure, but I would still love to share some of these links with you, so I have dusted it off and given it a decent haircut. I now present you with a smidgeon of the fun promotional events and happenings my co-author Janet Melrose and I were fortunate to be a part of last year and early this year.

Way back on April 7, Janet made a television appearance on the Global Morning Show, the recording of which was later posted to every Global website in the country. So awesome! Watch it here.

Janet also made an appearance on CBC Radio’s Homestretch programme on March 23 – here is the link to listen to her segment on small space gardening.

Both Janet and I did a comprehensive Gardening 101 Facebook Live Q&A session on May 12 for the AMA (Alberta Motor Association) Good To Grow Facebook Group. We had a ton of fun answering questions from group members about gardening in our beautiful province! Janet and I did a second Facebook Live Q&A for the group on January 20 of this year, about starting seeds indoors. I can’t provide links to the videos because AMA Good to Grow is a private group, but I would encourage Alberta gardeners to join the group if you’re on Facebook – it’s such a warm, welcoming space for people to learn!

In mid-May, Janet and I were interviewed by the editor of Alberta Prime Times newspaper – we had such a good time chatting with Lucy Haines! Here is the result of our conversation.

In partnership with Embrace Gardening, Shelf Life Books (Calgary), and our publisher TouchWood Editions, Janet offered a wonderful, highly informative online presentation about small space gardening on May 26. The ticket price for this event included a print copy of the attendee’s choice of Guide.

To promote the Embrace Gardening event, Janet made a brief appearance on Meryl Coomb’s Let’s Talk Gardening radio show on Sunday, May 23. Check out her bit in episode 164, at the 59:50 mark.

In July, I had my brain picked by Megan Slack for her article in Homes and Gardens. I provided some information on why vegetables bolt and what to do if this happens.

Both Janet and I have articles in the 2022 issue of The Prairie Garden annual. This year’s theme is Smaller Places. Look for Janet’s “Sprouting Seeds: Small Children Gardening in Small Spaces” and “Growing Up! Making the Most of a Small Garden Space” and my “Focus on Foliage: Eye-Catching Combinations for Small Space Gardens.” The annual journal can be purchased here.

AMA Insider magazine’s Joanne Elves interviewed me for their Winter 2021 issue. I was delighted to chat about houseplants and offer some growing tips for our dry indoor conditions at that time of year. You can read the article, on page 10, here.



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