Sweet peas. My favourite flower, hands down.

The prolonged, intense heat this summer didn’t make my sweet peas happy. In fact, they downright sulked. Refused to grow larger than a few inches tall. Didn’t bloom. Just sat around looking hot and disheveled and mopey (kinda like me!), until the cooler weather hit in September. Then they grew so much, and so fast that you could probably hear the stems and tendrils and leaves crackle and spark as they stretched upwards on the bamboo trellis I had set up for them in the spring. Then, too, they started to produce flowers, and they definitely made up for being lazy layabouts all summer. We’ve now had several light frosts and at least one hard frost, and they are still climbing that trellis. Everything about them makes me smile.


  1. Everything was weird this year! My Sweet Peas were just the opposite. They grew so well all summer and were heavy producers.

    But my Nasturtiums didn’t do well till it cooled off. Even my tomato plants were slow to produce

  2. I am so glad that your flowers were able to finally make their debut for you!! Nothing like an end of summer bloom, hey?! I sure know what it is like to pray and wait and hope for a bloom you really enjoy seeing. 😊

  3. Those are a really pretty color of sweet pea. Down here, we can only grow them in very early spring with hopes that it will stay cool. The plants do not like heat. I grow a wild Amberique that kind of looks similar.

  4. Well, I certainly feel better now to know other gardeners had a slow sweet pea year like I did. Mine were pretty sad. Morning glories did great but no scent. There is nothing like a sweet pea!

  5. Our sweet peas did the same. They were only inches high till about September but now we have picked several little bouquets and the sweet peas are about 5 feet high. However, we didnt have as beautiful and colourful a flower as you did.


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