Don’t worry, bean happy: growing pole beans.

Delectable, sugary jelly beans or ‘Blue Lake’ pole beans ready for sowing?  😉


The bean experiment continues.  I was disappointed with ‘Kentucky Wonder’ last year, but I think I can blame our extremely hot, dry weather (as well as that vicious hailstorm in July) for their poor performance.  I am trying them again this year, alongside these pink beauties.

Do you grow beans (of any kind)?  Which ones are your favourites?


  1. I don’t grow beans, but I like to eat beans. And, when I was a kid, we always made mosaics with beans in our summer day camps. I’d have been happy to have these to work with. They would have made great flowers.

  2. I always grow pole beans and I like Blue Lake a lot. they’re more forgiving that Kentucky Wonders if you don’t get out there to pick right on time. Both need a goodly amount of rain, though. I also like a flat Roma bean, which is lovely and meaty. Once, years ago, it was Labor Day and I almost ripped out the beans after a dry summer. They weren’t doing much. I was flying to California for a week and decided just to leave them. A hurricane was coming and I figured if it blew them down, all the better. Well it came and it rained and it sat over the coast for days. When I got back, the beans had recovered and gave me a couple more batches before pestering out. So, they like a lot of rain…Heat is okay with them, but water is really key and for some reason, it isn’t as satisfactory from the hose!

  3. We usually either grow runner beans, French beans, climbing beans or broad beans. This year we only have borlotti beans which we can pick when green or leave on the vine to mature. I prefer green beans! I might grow a few runner beans as they mature very quickly, but then again I might not! It depends on how much time I have in the next week or so.

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