Flowery Friday: ‘America’ sweet peas.

Flashback to summer blooms!  This beauty is the heirloom sweet pea ‘America’, grown on my balcony last year.

sweet pea america


  1. That is so pretty! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that variegated colour. Were these annuals?
    Happy new year to you! I hope you have a year of great writing, reading, exploring and health to do it all.

    • I hope the beginning of 2019 has been wonderful for you!

      Yes, the sweet peas were annuals. I had hoped to save seed but the pods weren’t fully formed when we had frost in early September – the heat delayed the blooms until very late in summer and then we had a miserable start to autumn. I know where to purchase more, however – Heritage Harvest seed out of Manitoba carries them, for one.

    • I’ve grown other cultivars before but this was the first time I’d tried these…despite the heavy heat, they did quite well. It was unfortunate that they bloomed so late due to the weather – I think I missed out on the possibility of a longer flowering period, and I could have saved some seed. (We had frost in early September, which ruined that idea).

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