Gift ideas for gardeners.

I periodically write online content for Farmers’ Almanac and recently did a story that may help out with last minute shopping for the gardeners on your Christmas list (or any time of the year, really!).

One idea I should include is the valuable (and valued!) gift of time – helping someone weed their overgrown beds, turning compost, mowing the lawn, pruning a tree and so on.

Do you have anything to add?  What gardening-related gifts would you like to give or receive?  This doesn’t have to be small stuff – dream big if you like! 





  1. Oh, . . . .that is a gift I am not sure I would like, just because I do not like anyone else messing with my garden! I need to think of some gifts pretty quick, and I know that most people are not as uptight about their gardens as I am. (Because I dislike the tradition of gifts so much, I tend to delay it . . . although I do well with it when I put my mind to it.)
    I do like to put packets of seed in with Christmas cards to those who would appreciate them. For my Pa, I am sending a bundle of sticks – really – they are cuttings from an apple tree that he knew as a kid. (It lives on a parcel where I now work.) He will probably graft a few. It is funny to consider what sorts of gifts one can get away with for those who enjoy gardening. Ugly bearded iris rhizomes would seem weird to those who do not understand.

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