Flowery Friday: lilacs.


I sneezed the whole time I was there, but it was absolutely glorious!

Lilacs on a grand scale at the Reader Rock Garden, here in Calgary, last week.


    • We…might…be rounding the corner, soon! I sure hope so. I read an article in the newspaper the other day and it said that the annual recorded number of heavy pollen count days has risen significantly in the past few years here in Calgary. I found that interesting. Apparently it’s because our winters are not as cold as they used to be. Yet the winter we just went through was extremely cold, moreso than the past few years. I don’t know what to believe, lol!

  1. Gesundheit or Bless you as we say here when someone sneezes. I’m lucky to not have allergies. The photos are stunning. My lilacs bloomed this year for the first time. Still tiny, not like those in your wonderful photo.

  2. Our lilacs are long past–and yours are glorious. I’m hoping the allergies are long past as well. Had the windows open today and no yellow pollen on the sills. Triumph! Don’t you just love the scent that wafts through the air when the lilacs are in bloom?

  3. That looks like one of the French hybrids. We grew them in the 1990s only because they were ‘supposed’ to be more tolerant of mild winter. I do not think they did any better than the regular common lilac, which actually does just fine here. Ours did not look as good as this though.

    • Interesting observation re: the French hybrids versus the common lilacs. Our climate is significantly colder than yours and I’m not sure which type fares better here. It may bear some research on my part….

      • The common lilac was the standard in most regions, and the lilac that those from Oklahoma and elsewhere in the region brought here originally. It did well here for decades before the nursery industry started to market the French hybrids as more tolerant to our mild winters, as if the original lilac was somehow not a good choice. Anyway, it does well even into Minnesota. The only advantage that the French hybrids have to the common lilac is the color range.

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