Flowery Friday: Apple blossoms.


I didn’t quite realize it before we moved in last summer, but our new home is situated on a property containing a delightfully large number of apple trees.  There appears to be several different cultivars. I have no idea what they are (it’s a bit easier to narrow the ID on them when they fruit!), but what a treat to see them blooming right now.  The sight – and lovely sweet scent! – makes me smile each time I head out the door.

Which fragrant flowers in your garden are your favourites?



  1. I live in a part of upstate New York where apples are produced in abundance so we’re seeing vast fields of apple trees in bloom right now! Gorgeous! And I love lilac, too.

  2. Anything really as long as the scent isn’t too overpowering. That and herbs like basil. And don’t forget the smell of strawberries ripening. Just brought in some today and they smell beautiful!

  3. How lovely to be surrounded by apple trees! We have three apple trees and three crabapples and their scent is a favourite at this time of year. We also have a Montana clematis which perfumes the air, especially in the evening.

      • I’m not sure I recognise vanilla with my one which has more of a lily scent. There are different Montana’s which may have different scents to mine. Ours was in the garden when we moved here so I’m not sure which one mine is! 😊

  4. Lilacs! Freesias! Wisterias! I do not think I have a favorite. If I get to thinking that I do, something else fragrant blooms. I did happen to like the mock orange that grows wild here.

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