Flowery Friday: Prairie crocus.


If you’ve been following Flowery Prose for a while, you’ll know that I post a new photo of these beauties every single year around this time. It’s a tradition I’m sticking to…I hope you don’t mind.  🙂




  1. Traditions are good. 🙂 Do you find the crocus appears at almost the same time each year? Or are you seeing changes in their arrival which you could attribute to climate change?

    • I haven’t really noticed a change in their bloom time over the past several years; their schedule seems pretty much the same. About three years ago (may have been four?), they were much later than usual as our heavy snows lingered on the ground into May. That’s not typical for the snow to stick around that long – we may get snowfall right up into June, but it doesn’t last in those warmer months.

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