Spring is fleeting….


In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.

∼Mark Twain

While waiting on the fresh snow to melt outside, I had a bit of fun photographing the bright flowers in a mixed bouquet given to me by a friend.  I spotted a couple of crocus blooming in the garden on 31 March, but they were eaten by jackrabbits within a few hours of my noticing.  “Ephemeral,” indeed….

11 thoughts on “Spring is fleeting….

  1. Your pretty yellow bouquet flowers remind me of our native Texas dandelions. I’m not opposed to the introduced species I grew up with, but I think these are so much prettier. Right now, they’re everywhere, but only in the morning. In the afternoon, they close, and you’d think there wasn’t a dandelion anywhere.

  2. The weather outside is a bit confused to say the least. I almost agree with Mark Twain. At least this time of year the snow melts more quickly and usually the daffodils still pop up through them. I love yellow flowers as they are so full of cheer.

  3. Very pretty – love your depth of field. Squirrels, that hog my bird feeder food, also find time to eat the heads off of some tulips…and one found joy in trashing a small garden of crocus I planted last fall… little rats.

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