Calgary snapshot: Fish Creek Provincial Park.

Fish Creek Provincial Park is Canada’s second largest urban park (Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto is tops in the country).  Fish Creek features 80 kilometres (50 miles) of trails, the tiniest fraction of which I accomplished this morning.  But what a lovely start to the day!

Alberta snapshot: Strathcona Ravine.


Emerging green in Strathcona Ravine, in southwest Calgary.  A small (23 hectares) park in the middle of a residential area, the Ravine has its own springs (which you can wander alongside using a convenient boardwalk) and sections of restful, dense forest.  Because of the shade and damp conditions, much of the growth consists of chokecherries, currants, willows, poplars, and cow parsnip.  I imagine it is really cool and refreshing to walk here on a hot summer afternoon….

Snow…a deer….



My hubby and I headed out for a walk before sunset yesterday, to a part of Nose Hill that we hadn’t been to before.  This handsome buck and his four does (not photographed) were so camouflaged by the landscape that we didn’t initially notice them below us in the deep ravine.

You can see how much snow we have already.  Another skiff of the white stuff fell this afternoon, and more is forecast for tomorrow.  I wouldn’t say I’m exactly gleeful about it, but I am looking forward to upcoming snowshoeing treks.  (And all the hot chocolate that is necessary to fortify myself for such outings!).   😉

Because I know I’ve put the song in your head…. 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Do you have plans for a nature walk or to spend some time in the garden?