Snow…a deer….



My hubby and I headed out for a walk before sunset yesterday, to a part of Nose Hill that we hadn’t been to before.  This handsome buck and his four does (not photographed) were so camouflaged by the landscape that we didn’t initially notice them below us in the deep ravine.

You can see how much snow we have already.  Another skiff of the white stuff fell this afternoon, and more is forecast for tomorrow.  I wouldn’t say I’m exactly gleeful about it, but I am looking forward to upcoming snowshoeing treks.  (And all the hot chocolate that is necessary to fortify myself for such outings!).   😉

Because I know I’ve put the song in your head…. 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Do you have plans for a nature walk or to spend some time in the garden? 


  1. Lucky you! My heart always skips a beat to see their beautiful faces and the graceful and nibble way they get thru their day. We use to see them daily at the lake. I really miss that.

    Thanks for the song too. We were in Salzburg in 2008 and took the ‘Sound of Music’ tour. We had a really really fun guide and saw the Von Trapp’s Mansion and the gazebo and other sites used in the filming. What a blast. Salzburg is even more beautiful than in the movie with great shopping too

    • Oh, the ‘Sound of Music’ tour sounds amazing – that would be something I would love to do one day! Salzburg sounds like such a wonderful place to visit.

      I always love to see the deer on Nose Hill – it doesn’t matter how many times I go out there, I always smile when I see them roaming around. I hadn’t seen the buck yet this year, though, so that was a treat.

  2. How nice to see them and get a photo too! We rarely see them but it’s always a lovely surprise when we do. They are mostly roe deer near us – somewhat smaller. It’s wet here again this weekend, so outdoor activity will be limited… more a “soup-making” weekend for us! Hope yours is bright and not too snowy, with plenty of hot chocolate! 😉

  3. Oh, isn’t that funny! I always make a few posts ahead of time and we both had deer in mind for the weekend! But yours is a handsome fellow with his fancy antlers,no wonder he has 4 does with him;0)
    I am having a great weekend….I am in Nashville! Today it is shopping and a vist to the Country Music Hall of Fame and tonight a show at te Grand Ol’ Opry. I am a happy Miss America;0)
    I gues I will raise a few eyebrows now becaue I will be humming ‘doremi’ all the time! Hugs from Nashville♬♬♬

    • Oh, Nashville sounds like such fun! Enjoy the show at the Grand Ol’ Opry – that will be so wonderful! And I’ll bet the shopping in the city is good, too! 🙂

      I loved your deer post – it was so sweet the way you set it up!

      Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!

  4. I will be spending time in my garden this weekend and I’ll be on the lookout for any little visitors. But in my garden I won’t have anyone nearly as grand as beautiful deer. Oh, and I won’t have snow either. 🙂 Your photos really draw me into the beauty of where you live.

    • You’re so lucky not to have snow! More fell yet last night, but we had lovely hoarfrost this morning. I’m so glad you will have the opportunity to spend some time in the garden – I miss mine already! 🙂

  5. Lovely shots. You would never know that the images were taken in the middle of a city of over a million people. It is great that green spaces have been created.

    Sad to say that no gardening will be taking place this weekend. I did take the kids on a nature walk yesterday to a bird blind. We also put up a new birdfeeder in our backyard this weekend so that we can watch our feathered friends all winter. It is a way to enjoy our garden even though it is covered in snow.

    • The birds will provide great entertainment over winter – it’s so fun to watch them at the feeders (and know you’re helping them out as well)! Do you get mostly chickadees and nuthatches, or some other species?

      I agree, it’s incredible to think that we have deer roaming in the middle of such a large urban area…it’s one of the reasons I love walking on Nose Hill so much. It’s such a wonderful escape!

      • We have mostly chickadees at the feeders. Waxwings tend to raid the crabapple trees later in the season. The magpies and bluejays tend to enjoy eating the cones in our spruce trees.

        We live across the street from what essentially works as a wildlife corridor so we see lots of wildlife: porcupines, coyotes, foxes, deer, moose, skunks and squirrels. Of course the squirrels have chosen to live in our garage, but that is a whole other story.

  6. A doe, a deer, a female deer…Hee hee. Boy! Does THAT song bring back childhood memories!!! And those were awesome pictures Sheryl! Beautiful!! We have the snow probably as much as Calgary does now, and yes, ours is still coming down today too. It is more like winter has set in than having a Fall being here. Go figure with Mother Nature this year. Oh well, I guess if we are stuck with it, we are stuck with it. Enjoy your weekend and drive carefully.

  7. It is wonderful the way they blend into the scenery. Only wet snow for us. I also enjoy snowshoes 🙂 Annie

  8. Cool! There are deer in the forest preserves and some of the other parks around here, though fortunately they don’t wander into my community. Do you have a problem with deer overpopulation there as we do here?

    • I know there are concerns about the deer population in the province, particularly in the east, where cases of chronic wasting disease are not unusual.

      It’s definitely not uncommon to see deer here in the city, although I’ve never seen them in my community.

    • I love them too…I imagine if they were eating my garden, I wouldn’t be so enamoured, but they never seem to come down this far. I’m always happy to see them when I’m out hiking, though! Beautiful animals.

      I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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