Alberta snapshot: Strathcona Ravine.


Emerging green in Strathcona Ravine, in southwest Calgary.  A small (23 hectares) park in the middle of a residential area, the Ravine has its own springs (which you can wander alongside using a convenient boardwalk) and sections of restful, dense forest.  Because of the shade and damp conditions, much of the growth consists of chokecherries, currants, willows, poplars, and cow parsnip.  I imagine it is really cool and refreshing to walk here on a hot summer afternoon….


  1. Just beautiful. We have a park here with similar weather conditions. I found white cranberries in there. I picked a basket of them. OK…white cranberries are just immature cranberries and they needed sugar but were delicious on chicken and pork. I should have waited till they turned red.


    • It’s nice to be able to forage, isn’t it? I’m waiting on the saskatoons now…and then the chokecherries. 🙂 I’ve never picked highbush or lowbush cranberries, but I’ve eaten jelly made from them. Yum!

  2. What a nice spot! I had a walk in Weaselhead this weekend, it is also starting to look like spring! 🙂

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