Floral notes: November 2016.


Somehow we’ve already reached the eleventh month of the year…I must have had either a wicked caffeine buzz or slept through the rest of the months because I have no idea how we arrived here so quickly.  Time doesn’t just fly, it moves at warp speed.  (“Warped” speed may be more apt in my case).

If you’re in need of a five-minute breather (yup!), I’ve rounded up a few links you should/will definitely! enjoy:

“The Hidden Dangers of Botany” will have all the avid gardeners giggling and nodding in complete understanding.  We totally do this, don’t we?

They aren’t flowery, but these absolutely incredible photographs of wild horses made my jaw drop.  The word “breathtaking” doesn’t do them proper justice.

And here are some equally outstanding photographs of birds eating, fighting, looking after their young, and generally just looking spectacular doing their thing.

Finally, the photos from the finalists for the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards are hilarious and charming.

Some stuff I’ve posted elsewhere:

A super-yummy Pumpkin Pancakes recipe on Grit.com.

A bunch of book reviews (should really be book “mentions”) on The Door is Ajar:

Annnnnndd….my flash fiction story “The Architect” was just published online by 365 Tomorrows.  Plus, Herb Quarterly‘s Winter 2016 issue (on newsstands now) includes my article “A Garden Bounty: Propagating Herbs By Cuttings and Layering.”

Hope your week is amazing!

Clipart credit.


  1. I liked the story. I would have put that last line in quotation marks, too. But that’s a niggle.

    I especially liked the pumpkin pancake recipe and the horse photos. I saw wild horses twice in Kansas. They were too far away for even my telephoto lens to capture them well (a tripod probably would have helped) but they were thrilling to see, and the ones you linked are stunning.

    • I’m pleased you enjoyed my story – thanks! I had hoped the formatting for the story would have been clearer on publication, as I had put the final sentence in italics…it does make a difference. Quotation marks would have been a better choice, perhaps, and would not have been lost.

      I have never seen wild horses and would love to – even at a distance, it must have been so incredible to see them in Kansas! There is a herd that lives in a mountainous area southwest of where I live but I don’t know that I’ll ever see them.

  2. I love your story Sheryl! I always think flash fiction so difficult to write but you seem to have cracked it! I liked the first link about the hidden dangers of botany very much – I related to so much of this! The photographs of the horses, the birds and the comedy photos were all fascinating and I enjoyed reading your book reviews.

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