Flowery Friday: roses.

Roses standard resize

I was out for a walk this morning and was delighted to find that, despite some pretty heavy frosts of late, these roses were still blooming merrily away in a public square in the Calgary neighbourhood where I work.  I’m afraid I don’t know what cultivar of roses these are – they are standards, which ordinarily I’m not entirely fond of, although they do suit the slightly formal garden beds at this particular site. These roses are a new addition this year to this beautifully-maintained spot and I hope they will survive our madcap winters to come.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Do you have any plans (gardening or otherwise)?  It’s currently storming like crazy here and snow is anticipated for tomorrow…I’ll be indoors with a few good books (at work!).  😉


  1. sweet roses! storming here too..no snow but still a good weekend for a stormy walk and a good stew. It will be leafs racking after the weekend ;0) Have a great weekend, Johanna

  2. Beautiful shot. Knowing the weather that was coming I finally pulled the beets knowing that the forecast snow would mean the end of the greens. However the carrots still remain and we are still covering the tomatoes. The rest of the weekend will be spent making crab apple jelly (just like the last 4 weekends!)

  3. That rose is a lovely colour! We haven’t had a proper frost yet – 1 degree C a couple of weeks ago. We have had a week of beautiful sunshine and warm days so I have been catching up with gardening chores. I pruned the pyracantha bushes and the cotoneasters getting rid of all the long stems and revealing all the lovely berries. Tomorrow, if I have time I will tidy round the back of the greenhouse and gather all my pots and tubs together so I can prepare them for winter. Rain is forecast for Monday and for most of the week sadly. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  4. Spent time on the porch swing sipping hot green tea and enjoying the few remaining days when this will still be a pleasure. I enjoy the gorgeous colors of fall and the special treats it brings, but I do fear it’s passing. I realize that soon I will have to stop sleeping with the bedroom window open.

  5. Beautiful color – we have not had a frost yet here in southern Michigan which is unusual for this time of year. Noone is complaining! I have lost some roses due to the past two cold and snowy winters. Hopefully this year will be milder.

    • Definitely hoping the frost holds off and your roses will be protected from bitter winter weather! We have such crazy freeze/thaw cycles with our Chinooks here and it’s really hard on plants – I always hope for some consistently cold and snowy weather.

    • There were a few blips of bad weather earlier in September and this month, but overall it’s been amazingly warm for autumn! I’m sad the leaves are no longer on the trees, though! Hope you didn’t get hammered by flooding, I heard there was a bit in your State over the weekend. It’s either feast or famine, it seems…. Hope all is well.

      • Thank you, Sheryl.

        We live in the Bay Area and so far, no real weather. The flooding, triggered by mudslides with further south of here and a freak-storm that brought three inches in half an hour. After all these years of drought, the land couldn’t handle that rain. It was a mess, with hundreds of cars caught in the mud. Scary. Fortunately no deaths or injuries.

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