Alberta Snapshot: Sheep River Falls.

Lots of projects – gardening and writing and my job! – have been occupying my time this past month, but sometimes you just need to take a breather.  And with the autumn colours especially jaw-droppingly gorgeous this year, it’s been fun to get out and take in the scenery.

I don’t know how my hubby and I have lived within an hour’s drive of this site for twenty years and have not seen the Sheep River Falls until two weeks ago.  I guess we still have a ton of exploring to do in our own backyard!  🙂

Sheep River Sept 2015

Lots of snow on the mountains already!  

Sheep River Falls Sept 2015

A long exposure of the falls.  I had left the tripod in the truck, again…. 

It was so wonderful to have the place all to ourselves – I imagine it gets a bit crazy on the weekends during the summer.

Have you traveled anywhere new recently, or found a “new-to-you” spot in your hometown?


    • The falls are quite impressive – I am wondering what they looked like before the big flood in 2013, if they’ve changed significantly. There is definitely a huge amount of debris lying in and around the river.

  1. Looks really pretty in that area Sheryl. Our colours are just changing now, and we have been on the river/ canal with a boat a couple of times to see well-known walks from a slightly different angle! Have a great weekend!

  2. What amazing scenery on your doorstep. I find there’s always more to explore no matter how long we live in one place. Is that your truck at the side of the first photo?

    • That’s so interesting…I had to go back and take a look at the first photo and a few others I shot at the same time – it’s definitely not our truck, but it may be a vehicle of some sort, although I don’t recall actually seeing one while we were there. There is a significant amount of debris still in the river and on the banks from the flood of 2013 and whatever that object is, it seems to be cast up from that time.

  3. Fabulous! I love that long exposure shot! Our fall colors, in the Adirondacks, are very late this year but now they’re beginning to get exciting!

  4. Fabulous place to visit! I like your long exposure photo too. We haven’t visited anywhere new recently but have been re-visiting lots of local beaches now the crowds have disappeared. Enjoy your weekend Sheryl 🙂

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