Alberta Snapshot: Sheep River Falls.

Lots of projects – gardening and writing and my job! – have been occupying my time this past month, but sometimes you just need to take a breather.  And with the autumn colours especially jaw-droppingly gorgeous this year, it’s been fun to get out and take in the scenery.

I don’t know how my hubby and I have lived within an hour’s drive of this site for twenty years and have not seen the Sheep River Falls until two weeks ago.  I guess we still have a ton of exploring to do in our own backyard!  🙂

Sheep River Sept 2015

Lots of snow on the mountains already!  

Sheep River Falls Sept 2015

A long exposure of the falls.  I had left the tripod in the truck, again…. 

It was so wonderful to have the place all to ourselves – I imagine it gets a bit crazy on the weekends during the summer.

Have you traveled anywhere new recently, or found a “new-to-you” spot in your hometown?