Flowery Friday.


And I do mean FLOWERY! I was digging through my photo files a couple of days ago, when I came across this shot of one of the large perennial beds at the Silver Springs Botanical Garden here in Calgary, photographed on a trip I took out there in July of last year. A sight for winter-weary eyes, that’s for sure!

Flowery Friday.


Yes, it’s not a plant most people are fond of here; there’s a very good reason quite a few species are on our province’s invasive plants list. But I have a fascination with thistles – there’s all that geometry and architecture about them, especially when they’re not in full flower – so when I found this specimen in an overgrown back alley a block from my home in early July of last year, I was keen to get some photos of it. This isn’t the ubiquitous Canada thistle (Circsium arvense) – rather, I think it is Carduus nutans, nodding thistle, sometimes called musk thistle.

Of course, while I was hunkered down on the ground with my camera, busily snapping away, a city bylaw officer drove into the alley to investigate.  What he thought of my antics, I’ll never know, as he (thankfully!) didn’t stop the car to talk to me…but I do know that less than a week later, that alley was sprayed very thoroughly with weed killer.

Flowery Friday.


Here’s a flashback to a gorgeous sunny morning in mid-June, and these new Supertunias from Proven Winners were really putting on a show in my garden.  What do you think of the brilliant green edge on ‘Picasso in Purple’?

(You can preview the 2017 collection from Proven Winners here).

Flowery Friday.


The neighbour’s ‘Northern Gold’ forsythia (and all of the others in the city) are still blooming away like crazy, even though they’re now being upstaged by the flowering plums and the nanking cherries and the Mayday trees. This really has been the spring of the forsythia – I’ve never seen them so full of blooms in years past, and I think the length of the flowering time has been slightly extended over previous years. I love that brilliant yellow – it’s a wonderful treat after a winter of no colour –  but I’m not too keen on the shrubs if they’re not kept pruned. The plant in the photograph (incidentally, not the one belonging to my neighbour) is in serious need of a haircut, but I can’t grump when it is showing off like this.

Forsythias?  Yea or nay?