Flowery Friday: blue flax.


Sure…blue flax might be common, and its propensity to reseed all over the place is only endearing to some of us, but how can you go wrong with those flowers?

Hope your weekend is fantastic!


  1. This is a beautiful flower and one of my favorite colors. I told someone the other day that even the weeds are beautiful to photograph. God made such a beautiful world for us to enjoy.

  2. I wish blue flax were common in Maine—I’ve never seen it before. What a beautiful shade of blue, my favorite color.

    • It’s related, but not the same. This blue flax is a cultivar (I can’t recall which one, maybe ‘Blue Sapphire’) of Linum perenne, and linen is made from L. usitatissimum. I was thinking more about this when I read your comment and I’m now curious if we grow much L. usitatissimum for fibre in Canada. Will have to see if I can find any statistics online. Very interesting!

  3. They are beautiful – blue flowers are my definite favourite! Agreed – can’t go wrong:)

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