Flowery Friday: goldenrod.

Goldenrod BW FP Normandeau

Another “post-flowery” Flowery Friday…this is one of my favourite autumn bloomers, wild Solidago, gone to seed and found on the shoreline of Winchell Lake (near Water Valley, Alberta).  Every year, I say I’m going to plant goldenrod in my garden, but once again, I’ve just passed another growing season without it.  Next year, for sure!

(We’ll see).

Do you grow goldenrod, or are you in the camp that dislikes it?  Some goldenrod species (such as S. canadensis) are considered invasive in some regions – is that the case where you live?


  1. Here, when people don’t like it, they tend to be mixing it with ragweed and associating it with fall allergies. I think it’s lovely when I see it–mostly in meadows or roadsides.

    • There’s definitely that confusion with ragweed and allergens here, too. It’s probably too untidy and “weedy” for most gardens (and there are all those seeds to contend with!), but I have some difficult spots that it would be a great addition to. Plus, it’s a great attractant for pollinators!

  2. Hi Sheryl. Yes, we have Golden Rod everywhere and the S. canadensis is very prominent. I don’t think it’s a problem here (yet?) though. Some has settled into a very dry area in my garden, with compacted soil full of tree roots, so I was pleased to let it stay where nothing else would thrive, and the conditions mean it doesn’t spread much either!

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