Flowery Friday: petunias.

Petunia truck

A Flowery Friday and an Alberta Snapshot rolled into one…if you head east of Calgary to the hamlet of Carseland, you’ll easily spot this eye-catching, petunia-festooned unrestored 1949 Chevy pickup in Downey Centennial Park, just off highway 24. The truck was donated by longtime residents and in its past life, regularly transported two adults and five kids on trips off the farm.

A couple of years ago, I posted a photo of a beautifully-planted piece of farm equipment I came across at the Saskatoon Farm in DeWinton, Alberta (check it out here).  Antique trucks, claw-foot bathtubs, rusted-out wheelbarrows, old leather boots…what unconventional planters have you seen or used?


    • The addition of some vines would be lovely! I’m curious to see how they change up the display every year. The park has only been open since 2014 and I did not see what they did for it’s first year. Will have to go out annually and check up on it!

  1. great shot – nothing like unusual containers. Local to me is an old harmonium planted up all along the keyboard – old bikes with flower filled baskets are nice too.

  2. Now that is my kind of planter!!! I love it when people do this! I’ve seen prams, old washers, drain pipes and whatnots used for planters. Lovely. have a great weekend, Johanna

    • It’s so great when people repurpose other objects – especially vintage or antique ones – for use in the garden! Except I’m not so sure about the toilet planters everyone is talking about…not really my style, LOL!

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