Creative container.

Threshing machine planter - Saskatoon Farm - Aug 12 FP

Anyone have a spare antique threshing machine lying around somewhere?

I came across this image while going through some of my photos from the summer…isn’t this a fabulous idea for a planter? This is repurposing at its finest!

My hubby and I saw this display at The Saskatoon Farm in DeWinton, Alberta in August of last year. If you find yourself in the Okotoks area south of Calgary, make sure you stop in at the Farm during the summer…and do NOT leave without sampling or carting home several of their homemade saskatoon or rhubarb and strawberry pies and tarts. Trust me on this.  I’m going crazy thinking about them right now!  🙂

What “creative containers” have you seen or used as planters?


  1. Well, it’s a long way to go for strawberry rhubarb pie, but I really do love strawberry rhubarb pie. The closest I can come to the harvester is a very old wheelbarrow I turned into a planter. There’s also my kids’ old red wagon, but I think Judy would kill me if I turned that into a planter. Sadly, not to much old farm machinery around these parts available for such creative uses.

    • Mmmm…that would be a pretty expensive slice of pie, what with the plane ticket and all! On the other hand, it IS amazing! 😉 I love it when gardeners repurpose objects for use as planters – old wheelbarrows are perfect for that!

  2. As soon as I saw your photograph I recognized it right away! I went to the Saskatoon Berry Farm for a field trip with the Horticulture Society I belong to a couple of summers ago and I was so impressed with how this unique planter was used so creatively with a unique assortment of flowers and leafy green vegetables. Thanks for sharing this. It brings back memories. ~Thea

  3. I find it amazing what people manage to transform with a few plants and a lot of imagination! I saw a complete bathroom in a garden once: bathtub, lavatory and sink, with a little stool – all beautifully planted. Still a matter of taste though! 😉 Maybe I should go to a flea market and see if there’s anything interesting on offer…

    • It is incredible what some people think of! Not sure if I’d go with the “bathroom” theme in my own garden, but I’ll bet it was pretty! I saw a photograph a couple of days ago of an antique bathtub inlaid mosaic-style with sparkly, colourful stones, and then beautifully loaded with plants. Looked lovely, actually.

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