Flowery Friday: Senator Patrick Burns Memorial Rock Garden.

Rudbeckia blog

The City of Calgary horticulturalists sure know how to plant a lovely drift at the Senator Patrick Burns Memorial Rock Garden….


    • They are indeed Rudbeckia – one of the gentlemen who works with the City’s gardens has commented and said that this cultivar is ‘Tiger Eye Gold’. The plants are not very tall. I am definitely looking for this cultivar for at home….

  1. Hi Sheryl. I am forwarding your comment on the Burns Rudbeckia bed to my managers, and to the young Gardener who thought of it. This bed semi-survived the hailstorm on Aug 4. As you likely know, the main Riley areas we severely torn up.
    Was your garden damaged?

    • Hi, Don – I am so sorry to hear that the beds at the Burns and Riley gardens were damaged – that storm was something else. My flower garden emerged mostly unscathed, except for the delphs, which were smashed. We only had pea sized hail this way and it didn’t last very long.

      Thanks so much for forwarding my post! This particular bed was so eye-catching – I was delighted to see it. Both the Riley and the Burns gardens were spectacular this year, hope they rebound quickly.

  2. The Rudbeckia variety used in this bed was Tiger Eye Gold. It is short. Another name for a Rudbeckia is black eyed Susan.

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