Owl art: Silver Springs Botanical Garden.



The Silver Springs Botanical Garden here in Calgary has added a couple of instantaneous-smile-generating sculptures to their collection.  These little guys are pretty cute!

What are your tastes in garden ornaments and statuary?


  1. That is such a cute owl. I love owls. I’d love some yard art but I’m looking for a lovely large Angel reading a book, maybe St. Francis holding out a bird feeder and a good sized Buddha. I think that would about cover it all unless I found a funny gnome to add to the group. :))

  2. As far as Garden chockskis, less is best maybe. I did just meet up Kathryn from WP The Lonely Dogs. at a ceramics studio in Red Deer. I painted a garden Mushroom and Kathryne a Snail. I have to drive back there to pick it up because it get’s fired in an oven and then glazed. I hope it tunes out ok.

      • You’re not late cuz I haven’t been to Red Deer yet. Company over the long weekend and today is my first day off work since then. I’m planning to toddle my way there today 😀 and BTW, oh the spelling ???? I hope it ‘turns’ out ok…LOL and I’m entirely uncertain it’s ‘Chockskis’, I hope you know what I meant, HA

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