Alberta Snapshot: Rochfort Railway Bridge.


From the archives (if you follow my blog There is a Light, you might recognize this one.  I’m hoping to get all of the images from TIAL moved over within the next few weeks, which means some of the upcoming content on Flowery Prose will not be entirely new to everyone).  This photograph was taken on 24 April of last year.


105 kilometres (65 miles) northwest of Edmonton, Alberta lies the hamlet of Rochfort Bridge. This railway bridge nearby is cited as the longest wooden trestle in North America. It measures 736 metres (2, 414 feet) long and 33.5 metres (110 feet) tall, and was built in 1914.  The Paddle River and Highway 43 pass beneath it.



Finally got out last night and cleaned up all the garbage that had blown into the flowerbeds over the winter and earlier this spring.  Found about a million cigarette butts (I’ve since written a letter to the property manager so she can hopefully put up a notice – with all the dry grass, dead leaves and wood chips, it’s just irresponsible and obnoxious) and part of a broken window.  I’ll be picking glass out of that one area forever….

I haven’t lifted the leaf litter yet because I want the ladybugs hiding in it to feel safe and warm for a few more days yet – there is more snow in the forecast for the end of this week. (Grrrrr…).  It’s a bit early to do a full on clean up just yet, although if I have time tonight I may cut back the dried stalks from some of the perennials (I don’t do that task in the fall so things are looking a bit weird right now).  Lots of little bits of green in the garden now, popping up everywhere, and there are scilla and anemones blooming alongside the crocuses and chionodoxa.  I’m so happy to see them!




  1. I don’t know how you cope with such a long winter Sheryl, and just hope that snow gives you a miss and spring gets a hold soon. When we lived in town I was always amazed at what got blown into our front garden off the street – all kinds of rubbish, not just cigarette ends! A sign and maybe an ashtray might work – lots of public buildings here have them right out their front doors now, but then someone has to empty them… Have a good week Sheryl!

    • Our property manager got right on it and posted notices so hopefully that will be the end of the cigarettes…we have a municipal bylaw that regulates the distance a person can smoke near buildings and so there aren’t any ashtrays in any of the common areas – it’s a huge problem. (Part of it, as you say, is that no one wants to empty them!). At any rate, I’m hopeful and thankful that our property manager is so responsible and kind to respond.

      It’s hard to believe that we’re expecting cold and snow all weekend – today is full of sunshine and blue sky! For the first time, it truly feels like spring….

      Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. More snow?! Oh, I hope not. We’ve started the winter clean-up, too, and it seems endless. But, then, I’ll rake dry leaves away and I’ll see little green shoots underneath and get such a thrill!

    • Yes, more of the s-word tomorrow, the forecasters say…today is so sparkling bright and warm I’m hoping I can get out for a few minutes this afternoon to just soak it up and read a book. I know what you mean about the thrill of seeing all those little shoots – it just makes a person smile! Winter was far, far too long and miserable….

  3. Did you go for ice cream at the Rochfort Bridge Trading Post?

    The bridge is less than an hour north of our cabin so we head up there at least a couple times a year . Quite the site . You should see it in the fall with all the changing leaves.


    • It is definitely spectacular in autumn! We’ve stopped at the Trading Post many times over the years, but never tried the ice cream. When they used to have the little golf course out back, we’d throw a few clubs in the vehicle and play a quick round on our trips back from visiting family in the north. Great place.

      • Our neighbour at the cabin owned the Trading Post when it had the golf course. They retired to the lake when they sold the business.

        • I was sad to see the golf course shut down, but I imagine it would have been a bit of work to maintain, even as small as it was. I had wondered where the previous owners had gone; now I know! Thank you!

  4. That is a huge bridge and great picture of it. Sorry you are still having to pick up cigarette butts, hopefully your contacting the manager about the issue will do some good. That is not good with the glass, hope you can get it up without issues. You have sure had a lot of snow and I hope if you get more it won’t be a whole lot. Hugs

    • The day after I wrote the letter, the property manager sent out a notice to everyone in the complex about the cigarette problem, so hopefully that will help! I’m more worried about the fire hazard than the mess – the grass is so dry right now and I use wood chips as mulch in the beds as well. And the broken window…I think the installation crew must have accidentally smashed one when they were putting in the new ones a month ago, they did their best to clean it, it’s just the little shards now. Oh well – all part of gardening in a public space! 🙂

      The snow is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but it is so warm and sunny today it’s hard to believe. Maybe it will simply rain – that would be nice.

      Have a wonderful rest of your week!

      • I hope the letters will put a stop to the cigarette butts in and around the flowerbeds. I hope you got some nice rain it would do so much more than snow for the dry conditions.

    • The bridge is a striking and beautiful landmark in that area, that’s for sure – I always love to see it when we drive out that way. Thank you for the spring wishes – I guess we’re getting “typical” spring weather again today, with more snow in the forecast! At this rate, I will never get the gardening chores done…oh well, it’s a day to sit in and linger over a cup of tea and perhaps catch up on reading…I haven’t had a chance to read your last few blog entries and a few others besides! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I was a kid in the Sangudo area, used to love that bridge! Spent a lot of time with one of the few kids in Rockford Bridge exploring the ghost-town parts of the hamlet. I used to take art lessons from a lady named Jackie that lived across from the trading post! It was her son (Jade) that I would explore the area with. Great memories. When I heard of the trestle fire, I immediately worried it was this bridge.

    • I was really worried about that as well; I scrambled to find more information as soon as I saw the photos online. Thanks so much for sharing your memories of living near Rochfort Bridge, sounds like you had so much fun exploring the area.

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