Flowery Prose gets a makeover.

In part because our spectacular sunny reprieve from winter is coming to an end (up to 10 centimetres of snow is predicted for tomorrow, which reminds me that I needed to buy new winter boots a few days ago…sigh) AND because I’ve been pondering it for some time, I’m announcing some additions to Flowery Prose.

As many of you know, I’m what I term a “microgardener” – I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment (with no balcony or deck) and although I have soil to dig in – I look after the perennial gardens on the property where I live, and I rent a community garden plot every year – I have space limitations like you wouldn’t believe.  Plus, there’s the not-to-be-overlooked-even-if-we-wanted-to fact that it is winter here in Alberta about six or seven months out of the year (if we’re lucky).  In truth, it’s not always possible (or desirable) to post about my gardens’ goings-on, which is why you’ll see me touring other gardens or writing about the plants I see on my hikes or delving into some tidbit of plant lore I find while I’m doing research.

I’m still going to do all of that.  My blog is first and foremost about plants and gardening…I aim to keep the “flowery” in Flowery Prose.

But I’m going to add some topics to the mix.  As a freelance writer, I’ve covered everything from vinegar to minor hockey, and while things won’t be quite that eclectic around here, I’m eager to explore a bit more in the way of local history, nature, cooking and baking, and photography.  I’ve already done a bit of that here in the past…only now I won’t necessarily add a plant or gardening connection.

Except for gardening titles, my book reviews (or whatever you want to call what it is that I do over there) will still be found on my blog The Door is Ajar.  I will still put up new content on my “Alberta snapshots” blog There is a Light, but for any of you who are subscribers to both Flowery Prose and There is a Light, there may be occasional overlaps.  (Flowery Prose will always get the new posts before TIAL).

My Facebook feed for Flowery Prose will remain the same:  all plant stuff, all the time.  (I love to scoop up links from online sources and share them).  My Twitter feed contains links to gardening information, as well as notifications about my writing projects and blogs and anything else I find interesting.

I really, REALLY hope you will enjoy the slightly more diverse content I’m planning…I truly appreciate the fact that I have such wonderful readers.  I always love to hear from you!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  I’m off to buy some boots….


(Frontenac rose – Devonian Botanical Garden, Devon, AB – July 2013.  Oh, I miss summer already!)


  1. The rose is gorgeous. I was shocked to hear about the snow already! It is just now getting cool enough here to work outside! Writing about other topics sounds logical, and interesting!

    • I’m glad you’re now having a chance to get out and have fun in the garden without all that heat…you would have hated the weather here the past couple of days. Blowing snow and just general misery. The sun came out briefly this afternoon with a promise of warmer temperatures, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much! 🙂

  2. I am looking forward to more of your writing about different topics! Now go girl, and get yourself a nice pair of boots! Before you know it an Alberta clipper will freeze your toes of;0)

    • Ha ha, it’s true, those Alberta clippers can be nasty! I still haven’t found a pair of boots that I like…I suspect I may be too choosy. The snow will be falling this afternoon when I head home from work, so I guess it’s wet feet for me today and a shopping trip scheduled for tomorrow! 😉

  3. I, too, have been learning how hard it is to stay “on topic” with my blog–and my general topic was much broader than yours to begin with! I think your plan sounds great and makes sense–looking forward to it!

  4. It all sounds great to me Sheryl (except the snow!). It’s definitely a good time of year for new plans. Hope you found some cosy boots. 😉 We’re forecast a hurricane tomorrow….

    • I do hope the storm doesn’t do any damage there! You definitely won’t have any leaves left on the trees. The weather seems to be really dramatic all over the world right now…I guess it’s that time of year, everything is really unsettled. Right now, it’s merely raining here, but we’re expecting a blizzard in a few hours. It’s incredible how fast it can change – a lot of it is due to our proximity to the mountains.

  5. Seems as though you are taking some of your outdoor gardening activity/creativity and putting it to work in new ways whilst the garden goes to bed for the winter. All the best. Hope you find some good boots. The best winter boots I ever had were made in Canada. They were brilliant.

    • I do find it tricky to keep up a gardening blog when I don’t garden for half of the year! 🙂 Everyone will get really bored reading about my sprouts and microgreens and African violets! (And my constant whining about the cold and snow…).

      Were your boots made by Sorel, by any chance? At one time, they were the best boots you could buy, made here in Canada (the company was bought out a few years ago, however, and they are no longer made here).

      • I really can’t remember the name of the company who made my boots, which is annoying me because they were so fine. These were boots that I used about 20 years ago. I may still have them tucked away in the attic. No need to wear them now!
        By the way, I love sprouts and African violets 😀

    • Medicine Hat is such an interesting city with a lot of history!

      I’ve really been enjoying your blog – I love your concept of virtual cycling and your paintings are amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing where you will travel next.

  6. Congratulations on your new look, I’ll look forward to following along. I no longer embrace winter either. Not as I once did when we planned ski trips etc. I will attempt to busying myself with crafts and christmas until our trip to Maui comes up in February. Thank goodness for world wide blogging, it’s always summer somewhere’s, LOL. Your Devonian Garden photo screams summer, love it!

    • Oh, you’re going to Maui! So excited for you! Such a lovely place…. 🙂 You’re right, it’s always summer somewhere, and there’s bound to be a blogger capturing a bit of that sunshine! I like that, I really do…thanks for reminding me. I needed that after today’s navigation around all the icy sidewalks.

  7. Anxious to see all you post. I am new to your blog and like what I have read and seen so I am sure I will enjoy what is to come. Hope you found some boots to keep your feet warm and dry. Stay warm and I hope you have had a very nice weekend. Hugs

  8. Always a good idea to try new ideas on the blog. I’ve thought of doing more book or even movie reviews during the winter here – which is about five months, not as long as yours but still pretty long.

    • It’s nice to change things up a little every once in awhile! I know I’ve really been enjoying all the posts you’ve done about your recent travels. I don’t travel much myself and I love to see and read about the places others have been.

  9. Hey Sheryl! Looking forward to seeing your uplifting and exciting changes to Flowery Prose, and also looking forward to your continuing write-ups on flora and fauna – can be quite useful in a place where, like you say, we get snow more than half of our year, it seems. We just got snow here in Edmonton too, but not much at all yet. First snowfall of Fall 2013 – Oct. 27 early a.m. Hope you found some comfy warm boots to keep your feet toasty warm this year.

    • Thanks so much, Kathy! I’m glad you didn’t get too much snow – and I think it’s supposed to warm up again this week, which is great. The kids must be getting really excited for Hallowe’en – and it sounds like the weather will be good for trick or treating. Have you put your garden to bed yet?

      • We had a terrific Halloween and yes, lots of trick or treaters…over 300 in fact. We’re one busy neighborhood. The energy is amazing. People stop to talk, comment on the decor, share their little ones with us. So much fun. Our boys are 13 and 16 so they’ve lost interest, but I still love it.

  10. Shery, I thought I posted a comment to this post … so either I’m losing my mind (certainly possible) or you didn’t approve it 🙂 Thanks so much for following my blog and I’m excited to visit yours! I’m looking forward to the diversity of topics

    • I thought I had read a comment of yours earlier as well, but try as I might, I couldn’t track it down…and I didn’t have any pending approval. Hmmm, a mystery! 🙂 I’m very happy to have found your blog – and thank you so much for your follow!

      Have a great weekend!

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