Late blooms at the Silver Springs Botanical Garden.


Now, there’s a wall with some fall flowery punch!  I definitely need to take a cue from the talented gardeners that make the Silver Springs Botanical Garden here in northwest Calgary such a special place to visit, and plant a few more selections that give more visual impact in late autumn.  My beds are somewhat…lacking.  (Well, actually, they’re covered in leaves right now so no one notices the paltry amount of flowers.  At least, I hope that’s the case!).   😉


Up close, the flowers may look a bit ragged around the edges, but who cares?  En masse, they are stunning.




The labyrinth is new to the Garden this year – what a lovely addition.  I wish I lived in the neighbourhood so I could go over whenever  I wanted to and walk or just sit quietly on the benches nearby.   Unfortunately, the community I live in is quite a hike from Silver Springs.



What plants in your garden are making a statement right now?

If you had the space, would you incorporate a labyrinth into your garden design?


  1. Nothing making a statement in upstate New York at this point–it’s been below freezing and everything is looking sad and forlorn. Your photos are a treat!

    • I like the labyrinth, as well…there is a sign nearby illustrating how it can be used for quiet personal meditation/reflection. I’m not sure how busy it gets, though…a large amount of people using it would defeat the purpose for me. It is off on it’s own in a little grove of trees, though, so it could be a private space at times.

  2. I don’t believe I would have a labyrinth in my garden because I rather like the idea that a labyrinth involves some sort of pilgrimage or journey. A stepping out from one’s own boundaries. What strikes me about the flower border at the Silver Springs Botanical Garden is how closely it seems to resemble the one pictured at the University of Cambridge Botanical Gardens. Would you agree?

  3. Oh, that is how an autumn garden should look like, very inspiring. I do need more flowering plants for every season in my new garden however the everlasting red rose is still working hard and looking pretty and I am pleased with the sedum ( definitely will plant more of those) and the ornamental grasses are turning golden brown and some of them have beautiful plumes as well. Never had those before in the garden but they are a keeper, all year round! ( and good for hibernating useful insects) have a great weekend ♥ Johanna

    • The sedums are amazing in the fall, aren’t they? I need to tuck in a few more, myself. I definitely have to try ornamental grasses…they can really add texture and colour (and potential interest after the snow falls), and as you say, they have the benefit of being winter homes for beneficial insects. I like that idea!

      Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  4. I really like those flowers. I don’t have any late season flowers but maybe this will inspire me for next year.

  5. Those orange flowers are really gorgeous! I recently said something similar about what I noticed in my garden–I haven’t planned for fall color! It’s like I get to the end of summer and run out of steam! 🙂 I have been going to some gardens for inspiration, too, and I can see why you’d really enjoy Silver Springs. Gardens inspire and gardeners inspire other gardeners. Thank you! 🙂

    • “Run out of steam” – that’s exactly how I feel about my own flower beds! 🙂 I agree, it’s so wonderful to draw on the ideas and solutions found in other gardens…it is interesting to think how it is possible to incorporate them in our own gardens.

  6. Gorgeous flowers! I love the last bursts of colour in autumn – the asters are still blooming here. A labyrinth would be great, if I could have a gardener to lay it out and then look after it! I imagine it would be a fair bit of work! 😀

    • Laying all those bricks at the Silver Springs labyrinth must have taken a bit of time and considerable help (but they have a large core of volunteers). It would be a lot more work to do it in a personal garden, that’s for sure! And if it was interplanted with moss or grass, someone would have to trim it on a regular basis – that would definitely be the clincher! 🙂

      I planted some asters this fall so perhaps I’ll be lucky to have SOME late season colour next year! Here’s hoping!

      Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂

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