Late blooms at the Silver Springs Botanical Garden.


Now, there’s a wall with some fall flowery punch!  I definitely need to take a cue from the talented gardeners that make the Silver Springs Botanical Garden here in northwest Calgary such a special place to visit, and plant a few more selections that give more visual impact in late autumn.  My beds are somewhat…lacking.  (Well, actually, they’re covered in leaves right now so no one notices the paltry amount of flowers.  At least, I hope that’s the case!).   😉


Up close, the flowers may look a bit ragged around the edges, but who cares?  En masse, they are stunning.




The labyrinth is new to the Garden this year – what a lovely addition.  I wish I lived in the neighbourhood so I could go over whenever  I wanted to and walk or just sit quietly on the benches nearby.   Unfortunately, the community I live in is quite a hike from Silver Springs.



What plants in your garden are making a statement right now?

If you had the space, would you incorporate a labyrinth into your garden design?