Wanted: Warm blanket and soft pillow.


(Photo credit: R. Normandeau)

A grouping of Chionodoxa and Puschkinia poked out of my flowerbeds in a rare sunny moment last week.  Unfortunately, further blooms in my garden have been arrested by the cold and freezing drizzle that has been falling on and off for the past three days.  I can completely relate – the weather makes me want to go back to bed, too.  😉

I hope you have a relaxing Saturday!  Do you have any plans to get out into your garden this weekend?


  1. Lovely flowers Sheryl. I’m sulking indoors this weekend… still bitter cold out there, and grey too. Not enticing and my garden is still asleep anyway! I sowed my tomatoes though this week… hope the window sill is warm enough! Hope you have a sunny weekend!

  2. We walked out for supper last night, thru the snow and slush and wind….I think I got in a time machine and accidentally arrived back in February, I hope your other early arrivers survive.

    • You’ve been busy! Hope you had a nice weekend! 🙂 It will be awhile before anyone does any mowing here…. I did notice before the snow came again, that the lawns are greening up ever so slightly. That’s certainly encouraging!

  3. Your blog posts always fascinate me. It is enlightening to learn about the plants encountered regularly on mountain trails. This spring has been focussed on trail still covered with snow but soon the wild flowers will be putting on another spectacular display. BTW – Thanks for your link to Elkwood Snowshoe. And thanks for sharing your specific knowledge. It is bringing a new dimension to my wanderings. Just wish the memory was better.

    • Thank you, Barry! I’m not much of a spring hiker – I don’t really have the right gear for it at the moment – so I’m awaiting the arrival of good weather to get out to the mountains again. I’m really looking forward to checking out some of the places you’ve written about! I greatly enjoyed my foray into snowshoeing – that is definitely something I will do more of next year. I am planning to purchase snowshoes, rather than renting them, and I’ve already made a list of “newbie” trails in K-Country. Your posts are inspirational!

    • I definitely need to “cultivate” patience! 🙂 Thank you so much for checking out Flowery Prose! You have a huge range of articles on Seattle Trekker – I am looking forward to reading more of them. Great work!

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