Spring stirrings…finally!

Two clippers blast the Prairies with heavy snow, strong winds

That’s the current weather warning from the Weather Network for the province of Alberta. While here in Calgary we are not being bombarded with the extreme precipitation and wind chills that our neighbours to the north and west are receiving, a glance at the forecast for later this weekend signals we may be in for a doozy.

But I don’t mind so much now, because this is the lovely sight that greeted me when I went outside to check my flowerbeds this morning:



GREEN!  Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

(I know, I know, I shouldn’t get so excited…but this never gets old for me.  Especially after six months of winter).

I randomly planted a mixture of Chionodoxa, Siberian squill, crocuses and grape hyacinths in October, adding to a small collection I’ve been (very) slowly building over the years. I’m hoping for a bit more of an early colour display this year!

Now, if we can just do something about this snow…. 😉

Wherever you live, what signs of spring do you find most inspirational and fun?


  1. Wow! The difference 100 miles makes. I still have snow here up to my knees.
    My favorite sign of spring are the blossoms on our crabapple trees. We end up with a very pretty yard.

  2. I am so excited too! I have some signs of spring showing in my garden. Now if we can just get rid of this snow. Grrrr! I might just have to go visit Sunnyside this weekend just to get my spring fix! Have a great weekend, Thea

  3. For me it’s the blackbirds building their nest and crocuses poking up through the grass. Once the activity has started you know there’s no going back!

  4. I don’t wanna hear it, Sheryl, I really don’t. But I am happy and excited that someone is getting something green. All of my early bloomers are under three feet of snow.

  5. Awesome sign of spring and just in time for St. Paddy’s Day too! They are looking like they are going to be quite spectacular blooms – that will be a lovely display of color! I heard a bird singing away on one of our colder days this week – Friday morning at work. It was quite neat to hear the bird tweeting a tune – and then of all things, we get more and more snowfall. I will be glad too this year when the snow actually decides to melt and head off for a few months or so. I love snow even if it lasts a long time in our winters, but even I am getting tired of the white stuff a bit this year.

    • I so agree, it truly seems like winter has lasted forever! It’s been snowing on and off here the past couple of days and the windchill is nasty, but I guess that’s typical March fare! I’m happy to hear the birds, too!

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