Prairie gardening viewpoints: guest post.

Long-time readers of Flowery Prose may recall a series of posts I did in the summer of 2020, in which I talked to several Alberta gardeners about their inspirations for gardening, the gardening projects they are working on, and about the challenges they face as gardeners in this province and how they are trying to overcome them. I have wanted to continue this series for quite some time, and this year – which the Canadian Garden Council has designated as Canada’s Year of the Garden – seems like a wonderful time to chat with and learn from more Alberta gardeners! Whether you live on the Canadian Prairies or you’re much further afield, I’m sure you’ll find ideas and solutions to consider for your own gardening endeavours.

Please allow me to introduce Vivian Busat!

Where do you garden in Alberta?

My garden is in Central Alberta, a couple miles from Gull lake. We came to this farm in 1970. I knew nothing of gardening – thank heavens for my mother-in-law. In those early years the garden was strictly for growing vegetables. Fifty some years later, it’s great to see gardeners are going back to growing their own food.

What challenges do you think we face as gardeners in this province?

The biggest change Alberta gardeners face I think is the price of everything: plants, seeds.

Is there someone who has inspired your gardening endeavours?

Living in a rural area I learned from some great gardeners, and then along came Lois Hole. I still go to her books for information.

What gardening (or gardening-related) projects do you have on the go this year? What are your goals for this growing season?

I’m at an age now where I should be slowing down. This year our garden is bigger than ever. With luck we will have potatoes, corn, peas, onions, tomatoes, and beets to get us through the winter.

Thank you so much to Vivian for sharing her thoughts about her established prairie garden and the love, perseverence, and hard work that has been poured into it over the years. We’re definitely inspired, and we hope you had a bountiful harvest this growing season!

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