A Little Prairie Book of Berries update and recipe link to Haskap Berry Banana Breakfast Shake.

We are on the cusp of haskap berry season! In the meantime, as I (im)patiently wait, I was privileged to talk about berries and preserves with Ben Mims from the L.A. Times – you can check out his story “Seasons of Preserves: Berry Jelly” here. And just last week, I was absolutely delighted to chat with author and master preserver Camilla Wynne about all things berries and my cookbook The Little Prairie Book of Berries in Camilla’s DEMI community – we had a ton of fun! Huge thanks to Ben and Camilla!

I’ve been asked a few times to show some of the photos that were used as snapshots for the illustrations in The Little Prairie Book of Berries … my food photography is ghastly at best (I’m a bit better at capturing images of plants!), but if you’ve checked out the recipe for my Haskap Berry Banana Breakfast Shake, found on my publisher TouchWood Editions’ website, this is my hastily-snapped pic that artists Tree Abraham and Meryl Hulse used for reference.

Seriously … when those berries come on, grab a few handfuls and mix up this shake. You don’t need to drink it at breakfast, either.

What fruits and berries are you waiting on right now? And what are you already harvesting?

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